A new digital home for a leading PC hardware manufacturer




Web Development & Design, Photography


About the project

Fractal Design is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium PC hardware including cases, cooling, power supplies and accessories. Based in Gothenburg and with offices in the US as well as Taiwan, Fractal Design has gained a global reputation for innovative design, elegant aesthetics and solid build quality. During 2019 Fractal Design updated their visual identity to better harmonize with their values and scandinavian design heritage, and approached us for the design and build of the new website as well as updated photography.


Collaboration is key when it comes to design, and especially during early stages of the project lifecycle. Thanks to Figma and it's efficient prototyping and communication tools we were able to constantly include Fractal in the design journey from pretty much day one, which substantially sped up the entire UX, wireframing and feedback process.


Once the wireframes and clickable prototype were greenlighted, the project entered the final design phase. We provided Fractal Design with a website that is a proud carrier of the updated visual identity and core values, as well as them finally being able to have online platform which truly showcases their entire product range (and also them as a company) in a much more dynamic, immersive and informative way.


We created a flexible layout system that makes it easy for the Fractal team to create and manage complex product pages, and also new community and landing pages as they are continously added. It's also connected to CloudFlare, which significantly improves website performance as their customers are located all over the world. Additionally we included AJAX page transitions for an extra smooth experience, size aware image loading to serve the right image at the right time, as well as multi language support.


Photography is used to provide a better insight of the company and day-to-day lives of the passionate people working at Fractal Design. Capturing authentic moments in natural light brings warmth and softness to the world of computer hardware design and technology. Color grading and mood is synced with the previously established product render style which make all types of imagery on the site co-exist harmoniously.